Advantages of Pre-engineered Building (PEB)

Advantages of Pre-engineered Building (PEB)

pre-engineered building (PEB) is the one which is engineered in a factory and assembled on site. Generally, pre-engineered buildings are steel structures. These Pre Engineered Steel Buildings are developed by a PEB manufacturer using the best available raw materials and fabrication techniques to satisfy the aesthetic as well as structural needs.

When it comes to constructing a new building, there are a number of options available. But a pre-engineered building is a better choice in certain cases. Take a look at why it is a good option.

Advantages of a Pre Engineered Building:

Reduced Construction Time:

Pre Engineered Buildings are typically delivered in just a few weeks after approval of drawings. Foundation and Anchor Bolts are cast in parallel with manufacture of the building at factory. Site assembly is fast, as all building components are delivered finished, ready for site bolting. It can reduce total construction time on a project by at least 50%. This will allow faster occupancy and earlier realization of revenue.


Due to the systems approach, there is a significant saving in design, manufacturing and site erection cost. The structural elements are shaped to follow the stress diagram of the member, thus reducing weight, cost and load to foundations. The secondary members and cladding nest together reducing transportation cost. The overall price per square meter may be reduced as much as 30% lower than conventional steel.

Designed According to Use:

No matter the reason for constructing your new building, there are design considerations that simply make your building more efficient and functional. Here are some instances where being able to design for a specific use is beneficial.


Choosing the right mix of metal building components is just as important as the size and shape of your building. Pre-engineered building design allows you to incorporate customized elements that satisfy both functional and aesthetic demands.

Durability and Strength:

Pre-engineered Buildings are built of I-frames which are sturdy in nature and are designed to take heavy loads. Use of latest technologies allows running software simulations on the structure before it is assembled. Since load considerations are already taken into account before construction, this can greatly enhance the quality of the structure and also increases the efficiency of the entire frame. Such methods also increase the life of the structure.

Flexibility of Expansion:

Buildings can be easily expanded in length by adding additional bays. Also, expansion in width and height is possible by pre-designing PEBs for future expansion.

Quality Control:

As buildings are manufactured completely in the factory under controlled conditions the quality is easier to manage.

Low Maintenance:

Buildings are manufactured with high quality paint for cladding and steel, applied in a controlled environment, which results in long durability and low maintenance costs.

Energy Efficient:

PEBs can be supplied with polyurethane insulated panels or fiberglass blanket insulation to achieve required U values.

Functional Versatility:

Pre-engineered steel buildings have large clear spans, long bay spacing and can be easily extended for future requirements.

Architectural Versatility:

Building systems can be supplied with various types of metal wall panels, fascia, canopies, and curved eaves and are designed to accommodate pre-cast concrete wall panels, curtain walls, block walls as well as other wall systems.

Single Source Responsibility:

As the complete building package is supplied by a single vendor compatibility of all the building components and accessories is assured. This is one of the major benefits of the pre-engineered building systems.

Lotus Hi-tech Industries have been constructing pre-engineered metal buildings since 2007. A unique advantage of working with us is our ability to integrate all phases of your building project. We work with you as a consultant across your architectural, engineering, and construction needs. Partnering with Lotus early in your new building planning phase, you can rest assure that your project will be customized to meet your needs.

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