Mezzanine Storage Structures

Mezzanine Storage Structures

The most common use of a mezzanine floor is for storage. This normally means utilizing either a combination of short and long-span shelving below and above the floor. Many businesses will use one level for one purpose e.g. storage and the 2nd level for an office. Office mezzanines can be built in the warehouse and factory environment and using composite or steel partitions with glazing can create the right work environment. All welfare facilities such as canteens and toilets can be part of the self-contained offices. Mezzanines are often used in retail to increase the selling space and or the storage back of the store. When mezzanine floors are used in retail there are stringent regulations as in the floor has to be fire rated, the stairs are for public access and the handrail is suitable for public use.

Further Mezzanine Floor Information

In industrial applications, mezzanine floor systems are semi-permanent floor systems typically installed within buildings, built between two permanent original stories. These structures are usually free-standing and in most cases can be dismantled and relocated. Commercially sold mezzanine structures are generally constructed of three main materials; steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. The decking or flooring of a mezzanine will vary by application but is generally composed of b-deck underlayment and wood product finished floor or heavy-duty steel, aluminum, or fiberglass grating.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES OF Mezzanine Storage Structures

Earthquake & disaster resistant

Prominent & adequate features of prefab barrack are earthquake & disaster-resistant.

Adequate insulation

Adequate insulation results in higher energy savings and comfort during adverse conditions.

Strong & steady

Prominent & adequate features of prefab barrack are earthquake & disaster-resistant.

Zero Maintenance

Superior quality raw material & a meticulous manufacturing process makes PEB maintenance-free.

Light weighted

Sandwich panels used are lightweight in nature which will be easy to lift & will be able to install at any height on the roof for extension purposes.


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