Prefabricated Hospitals

Prefabricated Hospitals

Prefabrication technology is a fastest growing construction technology that is taking the world by storm. The healthcare industry is also adopting prefabrication to a large extent. A recent study by a reputed firm states that modular construction is indeed the future. Med Modular, constructed in 2018 is the world’s first patient room that was built completely off site. It has a customised design which was done according to client specifications. Ever since, many other modular units for hospitals and health care center have been built and supplied in different parts of the world.


When developing prefab buildings, we take into account various aspects such as natural daylight, proper ventilation for fresh air, load-bearing capacity, balanced ergonomics, and features that are student-friendly. Additionally, these prefab schools are built with insulated panels, making them ideal for both hot and cold regions.Post corona virus pandemic, there has been a surge of demand for modular testing labs and isolation wards. Prefabricated modular health center and hospital units are designed and built with high building safety standards. It is taken into consideration that these units will be used intensively. Hygiene standards and ergonomics are also the factors that are taken into consideration.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES OF Prefabricated Hospitals

Earthquake & disaster resistant

Prominent & adequate features of prefab barrack is earthquake & disaster resistant.

Adequate insulation

Adequate insulation results in higher energy savings and comfort during adverse conditions.

Strong & steady

Prominent & adequate features of prefab barrack is earthquake & disaster resistant.

Zero Maintenance

Superior quality raw material & a meticulous manufacturing process makes PEB maintenance free.

Light weighted

Sandwich panels used are light weight in nature which will be easy to lift & will be able to install at any height on roof for extension purpose.


100% customized solutions makes these military camps available in different sizes & design as per customer need.


The durable building and also ergonomic layout makes prefabricated shelters a favourite choice for short-lived or irreversible shed construction and also with numerous benefits, are a requisite for the following applications:
  • Fully equipped with all electrical requirements including wiring, sockets and light fixtures
  • Modular prefab classrooms
  • Teaching blocks for easy relocation
  • Workshops and laboratories
  • Outdoor recreational buildings
  • Prefabricated stationery shops for schools



(100% customized turnkey solution as per customer requirements)

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