Aircraft Hangers

Aircraft Hangers

We’ve also installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of airfield pavement with the same level of minimum tolerance requirements. From heavy-duty concrete piers to rapid-fill foam fire protection systems, every component of the project is designed to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations, without exception.We’ve developed the most rigorous safety and quality control programs while building for the Department of Defense and know how to run a jobsite. We know how to work safely in low tolerances and close to the airfield. Simply put, we can operate around an airfield. Our safety record reflects our thorough preparation and total dedication to safety.


Our jobsites are often located within active airfields, a work environment that requires an experienced team capable of effectively managing the unique set of challenges associated with this type of specialized construction.We work closely with both Airfield Managers and the FAA in obtaining permits, making certain all specific airfield and FAA requirements are met. On site, we are in continuous communication with the airfield officials and control tower to coordinate personnel and equipment, ensuring there are no flight line conflicts and that construction activities do not interfere with any type of airport traffic.


Earthquake & disaster resistant

Prominent & adequate features of prefab barrack is earthquake & disaster resistant.

Adequate insulation

Adequate insulation results in higher energy savings and comfort during adverse conditions.

Strong & steady

Prominent & adequate features of prefab barrack is earthquake & disaster resistant.

Zero Maintenance

Superior quality raw material & a meticulous manufacturing process makes PEB maintenance free.

Light weighted

Sandwich panels used are light weight in nature which will be easy to lift & will be able to install at any height on roof for extension purpose.


100% customized solutions makes these military camps available in different sizes & design as per customer need.


Throughout the process, our Design-Build approach provides numerous advantages. For example, due to their extreme weight requirements and FAA permitting requirements, hangar projects require smart procurement and project planning. Some projects require ultra-heavy-duty materials, such as specialty steel I-Beams that are only manufactured once per year by certain steel mills. With our approach, we bring together the full project expertise to anticipate and plan around all material procurement and permitting needs. Our approach also allows us to fast-track even the most complex hangar construction projects by beginning earthwork and steel erection during the last stages of design.



(100% customized turnkey solution as per customer requirements)

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